Watersport Rentals in Little Harbor

Kayak Rentals

Explore the rugged coast of the Island’s windward side as the natives did thousands of years ago. Majestic Indian Head Rock is a must-see and only a short paddle away. Rentals include paddle, life jacket, and back rest. Single fishing kayaks available upon request. Launching and landing is only permitted in Little Harbor’s calm bay as other beaches have surf that is unpredictable. No other beach landings are permitted. We are based in Avalon and Little Harbor is an hour drive (each way) for us. Advanced reservations are required.

Please note that kayaks are dropped off at noon and picked up the following day at noon.

Little Harbor Kayak Rates 24 Hours 24+ Hours
Single Kayak $55 $45/day
Double Kayak $75 $60/day


Map of catalina island emphasizing Avalon and Little Harbor
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Chevron down Why do you only offer 24 hour rentals at Little Harbor?
  • We rent to the Little Harbor camper. We are based in Avalon and Little Harbor is an hour drive for us each way. We set you up one day and pick up the next.

  • Chevron down What if I want to rent a kayak earlier than noon?
  • We begin our 24-hour kayak rental at Little Harbor at noon to coincide with the safari bus schedule and to allow renters to enjoy the afternoon and an early morning paddle.

    Early morning drop-off may be available at an additional half-day rate.

  • Chevron down We arrive in the afternoon on Friday and leave early morning Sunday, can we get the kayak early Saturday morning?
  • Kayaks are guaranteed noon – noon. We do offer half-day rates if you rent for more than one day. By paying for two and a half days, your kayak would be there when you arrive Friday afternoon and you would have it all day Saturday. You might even have time for an early morning paddle before you leave on Sunday.

  • Chevron down Where can we paddle to from Little Harbor?
  • You can paddle out of Little Harbor and up or down the coast. You cannot land at any other beach. Little Harbor is a calm bay but all other beaches have surf. Landing is prohibited on any other beach on the backside.

  • Chevron down Can I call from Little Harbor and get a kayak the same day?
  • If you call from Little Harbor upon arrival,  kayaks are delivered the next day. We need a 24-hour advance reservation in order to staff an employee to make the hour drive there and the hour drive back.

  • Chevron down Why can't I book a SUP at Little Harbor?
  • We do not offer Stand up Paddle Boards at Little Harbor at this time due to lack of inventory.