Little Harbor Rentals

Catering to the Little Harbor Camper, we will set you up with kayaks for the day or the weekend.  Kayaks are rented for 24 hour periods and available from 12:30pm to 12:30pm with a multiple day discount. Little Harbor is an hour drive (each way) from Avalon for us, the rental time coincides with our tour schedule.
Multiple day rentals are charged the 1/2 day price per day.

Explore the rugged coast of the Island’s windward side as the natives did thousands of years ago.  Majestic Indian Head Rock is a must see and only a short paddle away.  Rentals include paddle, life jacket and back rest.  Fishing kayaks available upon request.  Launching and landing is only permitted in Little Harbor’s calm bay as other beaches have surf that is unpredictable.

Kayak Rentals

Single Kayak - One day

$55.00/24 hours

Mulitple day rate –

$45.00/24 hour day

Double Kayak – One day

$75.00/24 hours

Multiple day rate –

$60.00/24 hour day
Kayaks will be dropped of at 12:30 pm and picked up at 12:30 pm following day.